New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & Ultra

New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & Ultra New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & Ultra
With the official announcement nearing as close as ever, the potential price for the new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G has been leaked.
Technophiles are eagerly anticipating the next flagship smartphone from Samsung. As usual, leaks are also coming out in abundance - letting us know everything from designs to camera specifications. Now, the price has also been leaked with a new render of the phones.
Prices of Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, , S20+ & Ultra
While there have been a few conflicting information regarding the availability of 5G, the leaked prices seem to suggest that there would be a 5G variant for all three Samsung S20 phones – S20 Ultra, S20+, and S20; albeit at different price points.
The high-end Galaxy S20 Ultra would cost €1349 for the 5G variants with 128GB internal memory. For the 512GB version, the price could be as much as €1549. The S20+ 5G is slightly cheaper with the expected price to be €1099. Finally, the simpler S20 variant of the flagship would also supposed to have a 5G version, with the price expected to start at €999.
While the 5G version of both the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy S20+ is reported to be available in the same three colour variants – Cosmic Black, Cosmic Grey and Cloud Blue; the regular S20 would offer different colour options with Cloud Pink replacing Cosmic Black in the line-up.
No 3D Curved Design
Another surprising information about the Samsung Galaxy S20 models is that the manufacturer is shifting away from their 3D curved design seen in the last few versions. Instead, all the variants of the S20 line would have 2.5D glass display. The latest leaked render also seems to confirm most of the claims regarding their camera modules. So, let’s wait and see what actually happens.

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