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  • The Best OnePlus Mobile Phones at Different Price Points
    The Best OnePlus Mobile Phones at Different Price Points
    OnePlus is known for its flagship killer mobile phones. However, the company is slowly shifting toward becoming a traditional company offering different mobile phones at different price points. That way, they can appeal to all the different people looking to get their hands on an OnePlus smartphone. With rumours swirling around regarding the release of the OnePlus N10, we felt [...]
  • New iPhone SE 2020
    New iPhone SE 2020
    After years of speculations, finally, Apple has announced the new iPhone SE on 15th April 2020. Although, it’s the second iteration of the much-loved SE line-up, Apple is simply calling it the iPhone SE. It pretty much looks and feels like the iPhone 8 released back in 2017, but the internals including the camera sensor has got a massive upgrade. [...]
  • iPhone XR Deals
    iPhone XR Deals
    If you don’t have an iPhone; well, you don’t have an iPhone. It was the tagline of one emphatic iPhone commercial, and it’s practically true. iPhone is the crown jewel of the smartphone industry, a phone that is not only the most reliable and most secure, but also the smartest. The iPhone models which you can buy right now are: [...]
  • New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & Ultra
    New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & Ultra
    New Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & Ultra With the official announcement nearing as close as ever, the potential price for the new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G has been leaked. Technophiles are eagerly anticipating the next flagship smartphone from Samsung. As usual, leaks are also coming out in abundance - letting us know everything from designs to camera specifications. Now, the [...]
  • Walk-in Bath Solutions and Prices
    Walk-in Bath Solutions and Prices
    Learn about what the walk-in bath solutions are and how much each type of them would cost in today’s market. An intelligent alternative to traditional bath tubs, a walk-in bath solution is a tub that has watertight doors on them. Particularly beneficial for the elderly and less-mobile people, these tubs allow bathers to step over a little threshold while getting [...]
  • 10 High Tech Smart Bed
    10 High Tech Smart Bed
    A smart bed is a bed that is multifunctional and equipped with many multimedia features. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose from our list of 10 high tech smart bed below. Somnus-Neu This futuristic-looking bed is equipped with two 17-inch touch screen monitors, 5-point audio system, an HD video projector, etc. ‘Jenny’ System by Thiago Antonelli This [...]
  • Top 3 Washing Machine to Buy in 2020
    Top 3 Washing Machine to Buy in 2020
    Discover the top 3 washing machine to buy in 2020, with categories that would cover most of what you need. Purchasing a washing machine is a challenging task. It is a big, one-time purchase that can keep you going for a few years, only if you get it right. Considering the number of options and the great variety of prices; [...]
  • Best Gift Ideas 2020 For Her & For Him
    Best Gift Ideas 2020 For Her & For Him
    Best Gift Ideas 2020: For Her & For Him With the turn of the decade, it is the perfect time to let go of the old and embrace the new. This approach can also be translated into trying out new ideas as a gift for her or him. Considering how hard it is to find anything, let along to find [...]
  • Christmas Gift Ideas 2019
    Christmas Gift Ideas 2019
    That special time of year is coming, which means it's time to shop for Christmas gifts. If you're not sure what to get, then we've picked some top ideas for you. Check out these gift ideas and make Christmas special. Tech Gifts Everyone wants the latest tech items. From toys to useful home based items, tech products make great gift [...]
  • New Technological Trends for 2020
    New Technological Trends for 2020
    With a new decade on the horizon, here are the new technological trends for 2020 that you should be aware of. Since the turn of the millennium, the technological revolutions have been shaping just about everything in our life including communication, social and professional etiquettes, buying habits, entertainments, and so on. With AI, we can even use our voices to [...]