The Most Useful and Advanced Budget Planning Software of 2021

The Most Useful and Advanced Budget Planning Software of 2021

It is a proven fact that most Americans with a budget feel more confident, secure, and in control of their finances. Unfortunately, similar studies also found most Americans do not have a proper budget, let alone stick to it. The ones with no budget often point to how difficult it is to create a budget, track spending, and update it as required. It seems as if they aren’t aware of how advanced the budget planning software has become.

In 2021, not having the right tools for budgeting should no longer be an issue. There is various budget planning software with features to suit unique requirements. But, of course, not all budgeting software is designed for the same purpose or people. So, today, we list some of the best budget planning software based on their best use cases.

YNAB - for everybody

YNAB or You Need a Budget is perhaps the most versatile and powerful software for budgeting. Instead of automating everything, this software guides the user in creating the most forward-thinking budget based on their circumstances. It also makes all the information available in real-time along with both automated and manual entry of transactions. But, inevitably, it does require more time than some other automated options.

EveryDollar - for the families

If you are budgeting for a family, EveryDollar is the software to go for. As the name suggests, it allocates every penny according to familial needs, all within an easy-to-use, less time-consuming interface. In addition, it synchronizes in real-time to keep everyone on the same plane. The software also offers a free version.

PocketGuard - for the students

For students, what can be better than a budget planning software that offers most features for free? PocketGuard does precisely that, making them a popular budgeting tool for students. The user can learn how much money they have to spend with a glance while keeping track of each transaction with intuitive pie charts. It also lets the user set financial goals to achieve.