Some of The Most Reliable Mass Email Programs of 2021

Some of The Most Reliable Mass Email Programs of 2021

Mass emailing can be very useful to marketers who want to be able to reach their audience via mail. Since a person cannot possibly send emails one at a time, mass email programs are here to save the day. Now you can send bulk emails and even help solve issues when they arise. Here are some programs for you to get into.


Sendinblue is an all-in-one email marketing service with high deliverability and the option to optimize send times. With this, you can now manage your contacts using the CRM (customer relationship management) tool and have permission to use different source materials. In addition, it comes with a tracking option to show its performance and delivering skill, a must-have for those who wish to send bulk emails at an instant with no drawbacks.


If you’re looking for something more advanced, SendGrid might be it for you. It combines scheduling, testing, and contact management into a single platform. Furthermore, the payment plan is quite a deal since you will only have to pay $14.50 for 50,000 emails a month and can be increased with time. This user-friendly platform is excellent for those who are skilled in IT.

Elastic Email

This marketing platform allows users to choose what they are looking for, whether setting up a specific time for sending mass emails or keeping tabs on the feedback from receivers and delivery time. This mass email program will also assist marketers in tracking whether their emails are being copied or misused.

Amazon SES

Last but not least, Amazon SES is a cloud-based email marketing platform with rich features that interacts easily with developer apps. Not as user friendly as others, but it is a mass email program known for deliverability. Marketers can choose different options to send their emails and provide instalments for their payments.