Black Friday 2019: Predictions and Deals

Black Friday 2019: Predictions and Deals Get ready with your purse, and find out the deals and predictions of the much awaited Black Friday 2019.

The official date for Black Friday 2019 should be 29th of November. However, deals start to pop-up in the beginning of November, with customers splashing out in abundance from the day of Thanksgiving. According to Adobe Analytics, last year’s Thanksgiving saw $3.7 billion of sales in online alone, with the Black Friday, along with the subsequent Saturday and Sunday raking in a massive $6.2 billion and $6.4 billion respectively. Let’s find out what deals you can expect to catch this Black Friday.

Black Friday Deals in Major Retailers
Considering the previous trends, our predictions for some major retailers are:
• Amazon: With thousands of deals, expect to get $14-$50 off on popular Amazon devices such as Kindle, Alexa speakers, Fire TV sticks, etc. The new Ring Indoor cam and the Apple watch 5 are already on sale, with the Amazon Echo Buds expected on the list after its release.
• Walmart: Starting from early October, Walmart offers some huge deals on toys, gaming consoles, and many other attractive gadgets. Expect to save as much as $200 on selected PS4 and Xbox consoles, and massive price-cuts on Google and Apple products.
• Best Buy: With 100 of deals kicking off on 8th November, Best Buy offers massive savings on Laptops, Smartphones, Headphones, and other gadgets. The top of the picks would be the $200 off on MacBook Air, $300 off on Samsung smartphones, etc.

Not only the gadgets, you can also expect to pick-up cut-priced groceries, home appliances, fashion items, and just about anything else in and around 29th November, the Black Friday. The deals change as the countdown begins, so, plan ahead and get ready. Best of luck!
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