10 High Tech Smart Bed

10 High Tech Smart Bed A smart bed is a bed that is multifunctional and equipped with many multimedia features. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose from our list of 10 high tech smart bed below.
This futuristic-looking bed is equipped with two 17-inch touch screen monitors, 5-point audio system, an HD video projector, etc.
‘Jenny’ System by Thiago Antonelli
This smart bed is perfect for babies for its removable transparent walls, infrared warmer, infant care bed, and a heartbeat tracking pillow.
Looking like a spaceship, the pod-like Lomme bed is equipped with great mood lighting options and a sound system.
Shaped in the form of a water wave, this hi-tech bed is equipped with a TV, DVD, and music system. It is also enhanced by a computer desk on the side.
NV Adjustable Sleep System
With the cabinet doors doubling up as side tables, this minimalistic smart bed is also equipped with an iPod docking station.
Television Bed by Poppie
With a big-screen TV intelligently placed on the side of the bed, this bed is perfect for the TV junkies.
Hi-Can by Detamobili
This cube-shaped bed is equipped with a motorized screen, a video projector, a sound and a relaxing lighting system.
Mobilform Rotating
A traditional design with a rotating twist to give the perfect view of the attached TV, this bed is also equipped with an orthopedic mattress.
Hollandia Platinum-Luxe
This is the bed of your dreams with a comfy mattress, a retractable backsliding system, and a Sony Bravia theatre system with surround sound and sub-woofer.
Ultimate Bed
With a pop-up laptop table, attached charging plugs, a modular design to mix and match, and a built-in massage chair and a bookshelf, the Ultimate bed is the ultimate solution for futuristic work-life-rest balance.

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