Your Guide to Building Strong Ab Muscles

Your Guide to Building Strong Ab Muscles

Mind Your Diet

To get the perfect set of abs, you need to be careful about the food you eat. It is important that the same seriousness and discipline that you put in your workouts is translated to the diet program. It is advisable to visit your doctor or a nutritionist who will guide you on what to eat. There is a lot of material on the portions of food, number of meals to be eaten per day and what nutrients should be included. However, you should also understand that different people react to different diet plans differently depending on the health conditions and health history.

Include Every Muscle

There is a tendency among most people to work out the upper body alone while completely ignoring the lower body. This usually leads to an unbalanced body. It is in working the muscles that you burn more calories. The point of your work outs is to damage your muscle fibres, forcing your body to release energy that will heal that muscle. Keep in mind that your lower body has more muscles than your upper body. Therefore, working the things and legs fastens the calorie burning process which translates to you getting your abs faster. It also improves your metabolism significantly.

Perfect the Plank

Nothing gives you a strong core like doing a perfect plank often. As the experts say, if planking is easy for you, then you are doing it wrong. The aim should not be placing your weight on your elbows alone, the plank is meant to make your core stiff, which is essential in every exercise that you do. When doing the plank, the most important thing is to have your spine aligned. You can squeeze your core and glutes to make your core active. A variety of positions will make planking an effective and essential addition to your workout plan.

Minimize Time Spent on the Treadmill

Spending a lot of time running on a treadmill will reduce the time you have to lift weights. As stated earlier, the process of getting abs involves your body producing high levels of energy. Lifting weights helps the body to produce more energy than running does. In terms of boosting your metabolism, lifting weights has a higher impact on the body compared to running. You therefore experience fat loss faster through resistance training compared to running. Lifting weights will also improve your flexibility and stabilize your core more than running would. Therefore, your focus should lie on targeted core training.

Keep Your Body Active

During your work out, you should have two sets of workouts; the main training routine and the alternative routine. Having both routines ensures that you are moving your body at every point of that workout. In the alternative set, you can have two exercises that do not compete with each other. For instance, you can have a body work out for the arms and another for the legs in the same set. This means you will not have to stop and rest a certain body part because you will alternate the stress placed on the different parts of the body.