Wimbledon: Interesting Facts about the Prestigious Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon: Interesting Facts about the Prestigious Tennis Tournament

Wimbledon is one of the four most celebrated tennis Grand slams in the world. Viewers call it the world cup of tennis. This annual event takes place at All England Club, London, from June 21-July 12, 2021. The national consciousness of the British People will run for two long weeks and attract more than 500,000 spectators.

While the tournament is counted as the most prestigious among the four Grand slams, it is also famous for creating historical facts. Making it unique from others, let's get a quick look at Wimbledon with some fascinating facts.

Green Court

One of the most significant facts of Wimbledon is it plays on the grass court. It is the only tennis event which is played on the green court. The grass height stands precisely at 8 mm.

Dress code

Wimbledon is the only tennis Grand slam where the players strictly maintain the dress code. They need to wear an entire white dress, and the umpire can ask to change if any player doesn't follow the rules thoroughly.

Catering service

Serving around 234000 meals, 330000 cups of tea and coffee, 10000 litres of dairy cream, 140000 English strawberries and 29000 bottles of champagne in a single annual sport, Wimbledon is considered the most extensive catering operation of Europe. But why do the viewers eat so much!

Tennis ball

Some projection shows that about 54,250 tennis balls will be needed to play out the single championship of this year's tournament. The balls get replaced after every nine games to maintain the perfect shape. The colour of the ball is yellow.

Oldest tournament

Wimbledon was first started in 1977 as a gentleman's championship and claimed as the oldest tennis Grand slam in the world. In the very first tournament, there were only 22 players. The Wimbledon women's championship was initiated later.