Best Used Cars to Buy - from less than $10,000

Best Used Cars to Buy - from less than $10,000 What Used Car to Buy in 2019?

Find out which cars would offer you the best bargain, if you are planning to buy a lightly used car in 2019.

While buying a brand new car is exciting, buying a used one is a better investment. Below is a list of cars that offers the best bargain price for a used one, compared to their original prices.

  • Ford Expedition: With 38.5% savings, the Ford Expedition is the biggest bargain. The new model starts at $52,130; while a used one sells at about $27, 440.

  • Kia Sedona: Another SUV that loses 37.8% or $12,200. The new Sedona starts at $27,200, while you can buy a used one for about $15,000.

  • Chevrolet Impala: An American car that can save about $11,837. A 2019 Impala sells at $28,020; while the used market sells at $16,183.

  • Infiniti QX80: This SUV depreciates 34.9%, or $26,188 in value. New model starting at $65,100, a used QX80 can be bought for $38,912.

  • Ford Fusion Hybrid: With 34.3% depreciation, this hybrid car can save around $9,301. The new and used model cost $27,555 and 18,254 respectively.

  • Infiniti Q50: Selling at $30,612, a used Infiniti Q50 can save around $5,000 compared to the new model priced at $35,550.

  • Nissan Altima: It can save $7,984 or 32.6% when bought used for $15,766. A new Nissan Altima starts at $23,750.

  • Hyundai Santa Fe Sport: New model starting at $25,750, the used model gets $9,368 cheaper at $16,382.

  • Kia Optima: A new Optima sells at $23,820, while a used one costs $16,264 – a savings of $7,574 or 31.3%.

  • Hyundai Accent: With 31% depreciation, a Hyundai Accent can save about $5,136 compared to its $14,995 starting price. A used model sells for $9,859.