What to Do, Eat and See in New Orleans

What to Do, Eat and See in New Orleans

What to do in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that loves to throw a party and celebrate everything. It records 130 festivals in a year. At every moment, night or day, there is a festival going on. Attending one of the many festivals is the best way for you to experience the culture of this city by enjoying unlimited jazz music and pop music. Another thing you must do in New Orleans is take one of the tours. There are swamp tours that give you the opportunity to see the regional wildlife, including the alligators. You can also attend the cemetery tours where voodoo queens and legendary musicians lie.

What to Eat in New Orleans

One of the most famous traditional foods in New Orleans is the gumbo. Whether you incorporate chicken, sea food or okra, gumbo will be the best thing you taste on this city. Another indigenous food is the crawfish étouffée. This is a specialty in the Cajun cuisine that promises to cause a tingle in your taste buds. Another delicacy is the red beans and rice. You must also try the New Orleans traditional sandwich called muffulettas. It is a huge sandwich with ingredients that may vary. Finally, make sure you try the overstuffed sandwiches served on French bread known as po-boys.

Tourist Attractions in New Orleans

One of the places you must visit in New Orleans is the French Quarter, strategically placed along the bend of the Mississippi River. The architecture in this area is the most attractive feature, and the old buildings truly are a sight to behold. Coupled with the entertainment and dining spots, the French quarter is a must see for every visitor. Another place to visit is the preservation hall. This old building still hosts traditional jazz by local artists. For lovers of art, the New Orleans Museum of art is an amazing place to explore with more than 40,000 pieces of art.

Historical Places to Visit

The National WWII Museum is a historical hub with an impressive collection of unique artifacts. You will also get to enjoy educational films documenting the war from D-Day to the Holocaust. Located on Magazine Street, the museum has oral recantations of the soldiers’ and civilians’ experiences. Another site is the Chalmette Battlefield where the battle of New Orleans took place in 1815. The site has historical markers that help visitors trace the path of the battle. You can also visit the national cemetery where those who fought in the battle fell. These sites are wonderful, regardless of whether you are a history lover or not.

The New Orleans Nightlife

Once you have explored the tourist and historic sites of New Orleans, you can go to Frenchman street for the night of your life. It is less crowded and has various forms of entertainment all night long, and offers cheaper drinks, food and unlimited live band music. It is also more local than the touristy areas of the French quarter and bourbon street. You can enjoy the four-block street full of art, night clubs, restaurants and bars. You can also pop into the palace market which is open from 7pm to 12am and get yourself a lasting souvenir.