Trends on Living Room Design

Trends on Living Room Design

Feel like decorating your living room? We have the latest trends for sofas, bookshelves, chairs and tables for you. Get a contemporary look, and add some style to your home.

Sofa Trends

This year it's all about minimalist statements, and subtle colours. Your sofa should be a centrepiece for the living room, and corner styles are still popular. Think about a leather finish for a classy yet modern look.

Sofa beds will always be popular, but the style has changed from a traditional futon. Your sofa bed should have the appearance of a regular sofa, and be a neutral shade.

Tables & Chairs

Following the sofa trend, dining tables are also about simplicity. However, many people are choosing darker kitchen styles, and tables should reflect this. Think dark wood, black or white tables to compliment your colour scheme. Grey is out of style, but subtle square tables create a perfect centrepiece for your kitchen or dining room.

Chairs should work with a table, but have a slight contrast. Dark wooden tables work well with lighter chairs. For a contemporary look, try pairing a white table with black chairs.


Forget metal bookcases, it's all about wood. Darker shades are in style, and look fantastic in any living room. If you've got space, then a corner bookcase adds a contemporary feel to your living space. A combination of a cabinet and bookshelf is popular, and has a lot of aesthetic appeal.

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