Top Three Staycation Destinations in the United Kingdom

Top Three Staycation Destinations in the United Kingdom

Staycation refers to a holiday spent in a person’s home country, not somewhere abroad. It also refers to day trips where someone spends a day exploring local attractions without staying out of the home.

As coronavirus restricted international travel, staycation surged in popularity. Many people in the United Kingdom have been forced to plan their holiday back at home. Most of them, however, have been charmingly surprised by the natural beauties that remained hidden for so long, despite locating not so far away from home.

So, what should be your next staycation destination in the United Kingdom? Let’s get inspired by our favourites from below.


You can stop craving for the Mediterranean by making a trip to Cornwall, right at your doorstep. It has some delightful beaches, along with a deep sense of heritage. The region has a vibrant sense of creativity too, making it an oasis of calm and fun at the same time. Just check out their brilliant Eden Project, and you would know.


If you have already been to Cornwall, choose her neighbour Devon for your next staycation trip. With sweeping moors, dramatic cliffs, and dreamy hiking routes, a trip to Devon is as delicious as its famous creamy teas. The smaller coastal villages are a great testament to the simplistic rural life in the United Kingdom, offering a perfect antidote to city life too.

Lake District

With mighty lakes, a serene feel, and high fells, Lake District has everything that it takes to inspire creativity and love. After all, it was a favourite among writers like William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, and many others. England’s two tallest picks are also here, while the lakeside communities are as welcoming as ever.

Some honourable mentions should also go to wonderful staycation destinations like North Wales, Isle of Wight, the Scottish Highlands, etc.