Tinnitus: One More Complication of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tinnitus: One More Complication of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tinnitus is a hearing complication that occurs when you will experience a ringing sound in one ear or both. The sound is not caused by any external noise and no other person will hear this except you. If you are sitting in a quiet and calm room then it is possible to hear some sort of sound which is absolutely normal. But if you are at an external place and hear any such noise which is unheard by others then you are presumed to be a sufferer of tinnitus. Around 50% to 60% of people are patients of this disorder, which can also supposedly be linked to Coronavirus infection.

The Main Causes and Symptoms

The most common symptoms of tinnitus we often heard about are experiencing ringing. The other symptoms include:

  • A resemble of the human voice

  • Sounds of music

  • Electric buzzing

  • Tree frogs sound

  • Vertigo (in certain cases)

  • Roaring and hamming

Several health issues can cause tinnitus. The most common causes are describing below:

  • Hearing loss at an older age is claimed as one of the root causes of tinnitus. The small hair cell of your ear can experience the sound when it waves due to hearing loss.

  • If your ear gets blocked by the infection or dirt that can also cause tinnitus slowly.

  • If you experience any kinds of the neck or head injury which later developed a brain trauma. It can cause tinnitus.

  • Consuming a high dose of different medication for a long period of time can only worsen this hearing disorder.

Connection to Coronavirus

Recently, the University of Manchester has claimed to be finding a link between Coronavirus with Tinnitus. According to them, a number of individuals are concerned that hearing loss can be the side effect of some Coronavirus vaccines. Although there is no evidence of it in clinical trials till now, scientists have already started the research to find out the risk of the connection.