Three Delicious Ice Cream Snack from Magnum, Cornetto and Walls

Three Delicious Ice Cream Snack from Magnum, Cornetto and Walls

It’s been quite a while since you get to taste the sunshine while indulging in an ice cream snack with friends and family. With the possibilities of restrictions easing soon, and the summer being here already, it’s time to count the days for your next outdoor picnic.

Thankfully, the big ice cream brands like Magnum and Cornetto know all about your cravings for a delicious ice-cold, chocolaty snack in an outdoor gathering on a hot summer day! So, they have got down to preparing some new bite-sized creamy love to brighten up your otherwise groggy lockdown days. Wall’s joined the forces too.

Let’s find out all about your next favourite ice cream snack from below.

Wall’s Mini Bites

For the people with sweet teeth and a fascination for varied flavours, Wall’s has launched a pack of Ice Cream Mini Bites, available in two different flavours. The pack contains 10 small bites, either with vanilla or strawberry goodness. Costing just £1.90 for a box, it is a pretty affordable option for a family reunion or friendly gatherings.

Cornetto Tips

It’s impossible to be a fan of ice cream cones and not agree that the best part of a cone is found at the end! Yes! It’s the chocolate tip lying at the bottom of a Cornetto cone we are talking about. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait to reach for it anymore, with a box of Cornetto Tips coming with just 5 packs of chocolate tips. It cost £3 per box though!

Magnum Bites

If there is one proof that the people at Magnum knows exactly what we crave for, the supremely delicious Magnum Bites has to be it. These bite-sized snacks combine the goodness of velvety vanilla with Magnum chocolates in a perfect recipe and come in three flavours - classic, almonds, and white chocolate. A pack of 5 would cost a measly £3.50.