The Top K-Pop Albums

The Top K-Pop Albums

iKON Return

This is the second studio album compiled and released by iKON, a South Korean male group. Apart from its amazing title track, it has a number of hot songs which makes it one of the top K-pop albums. Some of the top songs are Love Scenario, Beautiful, One and Only, Jerk, and Best Friend and Everything. Although it’s still new, it has been graciously accepted by the general public due to the amazing performance of the songs. For example, iKON’s song Love Scenario was recently featured on not only the Billboard top 100 but also Apple music’s best of the week playlist.

One Shot, Two Shot

This album was released both digitally and physically in February of this year as the first extended play by South Korean singer BoA. It is comprised of seven amazing songs, among them being Your Song, Recollection, Everybody Knows, and Camo. This album also has an interesting crossover track, but we won’t spoil the surprise for you in case you haven’t listened to it yet. There is a reason K-Pop fans are going crazy for this one.

Wish & Wind

South Korean R&B singer Heize is the artist behind this incredible EP. This is not quite an album as it only has six tracks, but it’s definitely worthy of being mentioned here. This album is experimental in the way that it has some jazz undertones. This was a bold move by Heize, as K-pop and jazz have some very distinct differences. However, you definitely need to give this one a listen, it’s a great album.


It’s the debut studio album by South Korean boy group NCT, and you can tell that this band is on its way to becoming the next big thing. The album was released on mid March 2018 by both SM Entertainment and IRIVER Inc. The album contains 14 songs with the first three being Neo Got my Back, Boss and Baby, and Don’t Stop. It’s the first album where the group’s three new members – Lucas, Kun and Jungwoo - appear. Give this one a go.

Love Yourself: Tear

BTS, a South Korean boy band, is here with their third album - Love Yourself: Tear. Although it was released late in March this year by Big Hit Entertainment, there is something new and amazing about it. And what is that? It’s available in four different versions - a feature that lacks in most other albums. The album is comprised of eleven tracks, with the lead single known as Fake Love. Other songs are Singularity, Magic Shop and Love Maze. 

Yellow Flower

The Mamamoo, a South Korean girl group, has gifted us with the Yellow Flower album. The album was released in March of this year and has been wildly successful. It has seven songs among them being From the Winter to Spring, Starry Night, Star Windflower Sun, and Be Calm. If you are a Mamamoo fan, this is one of their top-rated albums.


As a K-pop fan these are definitely some must-hear albums if you have not heard them yet. If you are not yet a fan, this is the perfect list to see what all the buzz is about. We promise you won’t be disappointed.