The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall: All You Need to Know

The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall: All You Need to Know

The BBC organizes a classical music festival every summer. It is called the Proms. Elaborately it is the BBC Promenade Concerts. Robert Newman founded this festival back in 1875. The aim is to train people in easy stages about classical music. It has become a tradition. It takes place at the Royal Albert Hall. It is one of the biggest classical music festivals that people can enjoy from anywhere.

When are The Proms?

It is an 8 week-long concert. Usually starts in July and ends in September, it is also broadcasted over radio and cable TV.

Which artists will be playing?

Various international artists and classical music groups take the stage. Even solo artists come and demonstrate their passion for classical music. But the BBC Symphony Orchestra is the main attraction of this festival.

Who will conduct the 2021 Prom?

2020 Royal Philharmonic Society’s Conductor Award winner Dalia Stasevska, a Finnish conductor will open the 2021 Prom. She is also the chief conductor of her home country, Finland.

Rule, Britannia!

Rule, Britannia! Is to be sung in full in 2021. The directors have confirmed that they never intended to cut the lyrics in 2020. But as it was reported to have colonialism and slavery in the song, many have opposed it to be left aside in 2020. But as a long tradition, it will be performed like it used to be again.

Where to watch?

The 8-week long prom can be enjoyed on TV, Radio, BBC iPlayer, and BBC Sounds.

Suitable for whom?

It is a classical music festival for all ages. There is even a teenage orchestra group and solo teen artists who perform in the festival. Children of all ages are encouraged to attend the festival. It is an informal dress code event that anyone can enjoy while drinking and eating.