The Most Popular Beers to Celebrate the Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

The Most Popular Beers to Celebrate the Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

Saint Patrick’s Day is a festive day which is celebrated by the Irish people on 17th March in the respect of the death of Saint Patrick. Some people also like to refer to it as the Feast of Saint Patrick. Irish people observe this day as a religious day too.

In Ireland, people celebrate this day with numerous exciting activities every year. The celebration is now surfaced between North American people too. Several colourful events such as Irish traditional music session, formal dances, wearing a green colour dress, different types of parade etc. are being organized on this cultural day. Saint Patrick’s Day 2021 already is trending worldwide.

Beer, perhaps a Guinness or not, is the most important thing to celebrate this day. If you couldn’t yet figure out the drinks for the celebration, you can go through this article. It's time you get to know the most popular beer of 2021 for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Three best beer for Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

Guinness Hop House 13 Lager

If you want to try something new and fun in a decent way, then, this is the most appropriate beer for you. Hip Hop House 13 Lager is an Irish beer manufactured by Guinness. The beer consists of Irish fresh crispy aromatic hop, Apricot and peach, it contains only 5% alcohol.

Heaney Dark Season

If you are looking for something dark, this can be added to your list. It contains 5% alcohol and you will get a toasty malt taste with a gingery spice flavour.

White Hag the Puca Lemon Sour

There are always a few people who like a sip of a sour beer. If you are one of those people or just looking to try out a new thing, then this is the beer for St. Patrick’s Day. It contains only 3.5% alcohol and tastes like sour lemon fresh juice.