The Most Effective Home Cardio Workouts That Involve Zero Accessories

The Most Effective Home Cardio Workouts That Involve Zero Accessories

Jumping Exercises

Some of the most effective home cardio exercises involve jumping in place. Whether it’s a repetitive movement such as jumping rope or compound movements such as jumping jacks, this type of exercise will help you work up a sweat within minutes. Since these exercises rely on body weight, they will be the most effective when you’re just starting and carrying the most extra pounds.

Stationary Jogging

If you’re trying to lose a little weight as well as improving your overall fitness levels, jogging regularly is one of your best options. The problem with this exercise is how it involves going out (which isn’t always convenient) and exposing yourself to the public (which isn’t always comfortable).  

Fortunately, you can enjoy similar benefits in your home without the need to buy an expensive treadmill. This is as simple as jogging in place for at least 15 minutes; you may feel like you are going nowhere fast, but if you make it a routine you’ll soon start seeing improvements in your figure and muscle tone.

Compounded Squat-Plank-Jumps

As you start getting more physically fit and energized - which will happen very naturally after just a few weeks of regular exercise – you will want to gradually start adopting more demanding exercises that will keep boosting your cardio while also building up some resistance and strength. 

Try experimenting with compounded squat-plank-jump motions. By combining these separate exercises into a single fluid movement that you repeat over and over in sets of 10 or 20 at a time, you will manage to engage your entire body to get faster results. Compounded squat-plank-jumps can feel very high-intensity when you repeat the movements fast and furiously, and this will fit nicely between other cardio exercises mentioned here.  

There are many possible variants of this exercise that you can consider trying as your physical capacity improves, but to get started just go from a squat to a plank, then jump as high as you can as you get back on your feet. It may sound simple in theory, but as a beginner you’re unlikely to manage doing a set of 10 uninterrupted squat-plank-jumps. Try it.

Crawling Exercises

If you have trouble doing jumping cardio exercises because your knees are no longer in their prime, here’s a simple way to get similar benefits while reducing joint impact: get down into a plank position and do crawling motions with your feet (jumping in and out alternatively) while keeping your hands in place. This is called the mountain climber exercise, and it provides an excellent workout that will engage your entire body down to the core. 

You can also try a different version called the bear crawl, where you start from a plank position (regular push-up style) keep your feet planted in place while walking your hands back until they reach your feet, then back into plank position.  These two exercises can be alternated to great effect. Asides from improving your cardio fitness levels, crawling exercises will also help strengthen your joints with minimal impact involved.

Air Kick-Boxing

As you get more comfortable doing the simple but effective exercises mentioned above, you will get nimbler and more energetic. Soon enough, you will want to push yourself into doing harder and more demanding cardio exercises. At this point, air kick-boxing can really help you get the most calories burning out of your limited time.  

This exercise simply involves doing combinations of air punching and kicking – just as if you were fighting an invisible opponent. It’s a great way to get creative with your workout when you’re up for something different, and it will help improve your balance and coordination, while boosting your cardiorespiratory capacity.