The Most Attractive OnePlus Mobile Phones You Can Buy

The Most Attractive OnePlus Mobile Phones You Can Buy

China is slowly but surely positioning itself as the leader in the telecommunication sector. Mobile phones manufacturer like OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi and so on are getting mass recognition all over the world. Among them OnePlus is creating another level of significance in terms of ensuring the best features in mobile phones.

OnePlus: The Stylish Smartphones of China

OnePlus Technology Co. Ltd is a multinational mobile phones and accessories manufacturer based in China. According to the statistical data of 2018 the company is serving over 34 regions of the world single-handedly.

The Most Attractive Smartphones by OnePlus

The list of the most value-for-money OnePlus mobile phones are listed below:

OnePlus 8 Pro

It is not any surprise that Oneplus 8 Pro entered our list as the best smartphone of current times. This best-selling mobile phone comes with a futuristic display with 120hz refresh rates, which not only stands the best among its own brand but also among the other different brands.

The phone also comes with a 5G network, fingertips scanning, high-end camera and wireless charging capabilities. To get this new wonder of OnePlus you have to spend $952, which is quite expensive but it worths it.

OnePlus 8

If you want a powerful mobile phone but don't want to pay over the odds, you can have a look at OnePlus 8. You will get a phone with some best features such as a refresh rate of 90Hz screen, 12 GB of RAM, 5G connectivity, and a triple-lens camera for just $497. Quite affordable, isn’t it?

OnePlus 6T

This OnePlus model was the best-selling affordable phone of 2018. The phone is mainly popular for introducing some high-end features with a very affordable range of price tag. This mobile phone features decent cameras, a long-lasting battery and a beautiful design which are best for middle-class customers. You will get this phone only at $318.99.