The Best Video Game Consoles You Can Buy Now

The Best Video Game Consoles You Can Buy Now

It’s incredible to think how far video game consoles have come to form their early days. They are no longer just a basic console capable of playing some basic games. Rather, there are now a plethora of options differing both in terms of power, capabilities, compatible games, and whatnot!

As a gamer today, you have a host of options including Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation. You can easily choose to go basic or turn up the heat with an insanely powerful device. You can also opt for a mobile device to play on the go.

So, let’s find out the best video game consoles in different categories from below.

Sony Playstation 5

If you want nothing but the latest and the greatest video game console in the market, look no further than Sony Playstation 5. A fully revamped design, it can effortlessly stream 4K gameplay up to 120 fps and comes packed with faster memory and storage. Its capability of VR gaming is old news now, but 8K output capacity is not. Sony Playstation 5’s included accessory is great too with a standard audio jack, built-in microphone, haptic feedback, etc.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Despite being a relatively affordable gaming console, Microsoft Xbox Series X holds no punches when it comes to power and performance. It is capable of 8K HDR gaming, so playing 4K at 120fps sounds like a breeze. It can also load games in the blink of an eye, thanks to its industry-leading CPU, GPU, ultra-fast storage.

Nintendo Switch

Who isn’t a fan of Nintendo Switch? While this particular video game console doesn’t even come close to the likes of the Sony Playstation series in terms of power, it offers unrivalled portability and versatility for gamers to enjoy. You can take it anywhere in your backpack, while also connecting it to a docking station back home.