The Best Science Fiction Books for the Planet Mars Fans

The Best Science Fiction Books for the Planet Mars Fans

Planet Mars has intrigued humans for ages. Its proximity to earth, it’s red soil, it’s two moons, and the possibility to colonise it one day has kept the astronauts and the general masses interested in it for their lifetimes. Due to its popularity and allure, many science fiction writers have based their stories on Mars or travelling to and conquering the Red Planet.

With NASA’s Perseverance rover finally landing on Planet Mars, it’s time to dive into our memories and celebrate the science fictions that got us hooked on the planet in the first place. So, let’s dive in! Shall we?

The Martian

For both the sophisticated science fiction readers who crave a bit of real science and the fiction lover who just wants to dive into fantasy lands, ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir satisfies them all. Set on a NASA astronaut who got stranded on Mars and tries to save himself from dying, the narrator goes on to explain the steps while also explaining the science behind it. It was such a hit that it was adapted for a movie of the same name.

Red Mars

Although the science part of the book went dated for a long time now, the fiction part of the Red Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson couldn’t have been any more relatable. The book envisions a world where the earth is in distress and humanity strives to make Mars their new habitat. It inspired many researchers now working on NASA’s Mars missions.

Before Mars

Who said science fiction couldn’t be a thriller? Emma Newman’s latest book Before Mars challenges the convention or rather brings back the Fifties with a geologist who arrives at a small Mars base and notices something isn’t working as well as it should. It’s not only an interesting read but also a deep dive into the psychology of an astronaut.