The Best Scary Movies on Netflix

The Best Scary Movies on Netflix

The Ritual

This 2017 horror film is set in the Scandinavian wilderness and embraces traditional forest horror folklore and adds a modern punch. Directed by David Bruckner, the film introduces a very creative twist on monster creatures and follows the psychological endeavors of a group of college friends, reunited by the tragic passing of their old friend.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring follows the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) as they investigate a supernatural presence in a run-of-the-mill farmhouse. Adopting a popular theme of “Ghostbusting” in television and film, The Conjuring caters to the curious crowd by expanding theories on paranormal investigation, all whilst supporting the screenplay with an eerie soundtrack and opportunistic yet unpredictable jumpscares.


Everyone knows a father will do whatever it takes to protect his daughter. Despite the stigma surrounding zombie movies, Cargo manages to import surprisingly fresh and creative twists to the exhausted post-apocalyptic genre. Impressive zombie costumes and a rather touching story foundation and enticing landscape videography all contribute to this Australian film’s success.


This iconic 1987 film has stood the test of the time and continues to impress even in recent years. Endowed with a very unique and creative storyline, along with phenomenal special effects, Hellraiser incorporates many ingenious elements while following the story of Frank (played by Sean Chapman) who opens a portal to hell and must face serious consequences.

Children of the Corn

Visualizing a Stephen King short story is nothing short of difficult and Children of the Corn pays the utmost respect to King’s literary prowess. This film converts profound contextual topics such as absolute religion and cult followings to a cinematic horror masterpiece. Despite bordering on a parodical tone, Children of the Corn presents very real thriller aspects and is sure to leave anyone creeped out.


Although many horror films aim to expand and improve on the trap room genre, none of them can hold a finger to the uniqueness and diversity of characters in Cube. Several people awake in a cube room and must find a way out. The ingenuity presented in the setting of scenes and resolutions makes this 1997 film a must-watch.

Gerald’s Game

Another Stephen King adaptation proves to be well worth the watch. Handcuffed to her bed after the sudden death of her husband, a woman succumbs to the voices and noises inside her subconscious. This movie explores the deep psychological notions of our mind and creates suspense and eerie effects without overwhelming the viewer with many different elements. The result entails many sleepless nights for the viewer as they ponder the inner workings of the human psyche.

Cabin Fever

Catering to the younger, adolescent audience, Cabin Fever provides germaphobes with their worst nightmare. As five college friends take off for a trip to a cabin, they become prey to a flesh-eating bacteria and must suffer the consequences of the virus. Despite a relatively simple plot, this horror film incorporates classic elements such as impressive gore effects and relatable characters.