The Best Podcasts to Listen to in the UK

The Best Podcasts to Listen to in the UK

Different people use different tools to pass their time. Some might enjoy listening to their favourite music, some watch movies and others might just enjoy a good book or a match of their favourite game. A new wonder named podcast is included in the list these days. A podcast is where a person can speak through a microphone which can even lead you to sleep. The popularity of listening to podcasts is rising day by day and slowly it is becoming a relaxation hack of daily life.

There are numerous podcasts available on different sites such as Apple, Spotify and today we will discuss some of the best podcasts from which you can pick one in a blink to listen. The three Best Podcast to listen to in the United Kingdom are:


This is a crime genre, dark and mysterious podcast. The tale based on the community of Utah/Arizona border where a prophet of God battle over abuse, crime, polygamy and religious freedom. This podcast is available in Stitcher which you can subscribe to and listen to.


This podcast series is a collaboration of former president of USA Barack Obama and music icon Bruce Springsteen. Here they talk about everything they have experienced in life: from their first income to fatherhood. The podcast is produced by the higher ground which is formed by Michele Obama. This series roughly covers eight episodes and is currently available on Spotify.


This one is powerful. The show is hosted by Berlin-based DJ Zuba and each episode featured a female DJ from outside of the global south. Here they talked about their life, work and struggle they have faced as a female DJ. They also discussed racism over gender and colour. You can listen to all the episodes by subscribing to Spotify.