The Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Back

The Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Back

Kneeling Extension

In this exercise, the focus is on the core muscles. The steps are as follows:

· First, kneel down on all fours.

· Slowly stretch out your right hand with the thumb facing upward.

· Lift your left leg with toes pointing downwards, you hold for about 10 seconds then repeat the process.

If you find the movement too hard to comply a modification is available. You only have to stretch each part individually for 10 seconds repeating the process three to four times.

Scapular Push-Ups

Scapular push-ups place you into high plank whereby your hands are shoulder distance apart. For effective exercise:

· Lie down in a neutral position facing the ground on a small pilates ball.

· Raise your body halfway and engage your core. Stay in this pose for 10 seconds.

· Repeat eight to 10 times.

if you find the exercise too challenging place your hands or your back on the adjacent wall for balance. The practice concentrates on the lower back muscles which are often neglected. Doing scapular push-ups can help strengthen your lower back.

Bridge Back Exercise

Bridge focuses on the gluteal muscles and hamstrings and can strengthen the lower back. In this exercise, you geometrically balance for 30-60 seconds. To do this exercise:

· Lie down on your back with your hands horizontally at your sides and bent knees.

· Slowly move your hips up such that your body is in a straight axis from knees to the head.

· Hold and lower repeatedly for one to three sets 10 to 16 times.

· Adding weight or lifting one leg is adds intensity.

Renegade Rows

The Renegade row back exercise puts you into a high plank. You have your hands apart with shoulders above your wrists. Then lift your hands one at a time with the elbow tucked close to your ribs. Ensure you don’t struggle your shoulders and that your hips are stable. Take about ten repeats in each hand for better results.

Side Plank Hold

Side plank hold includes single-hand strengthening and focuses on the strengthening of the lower back and the oblique muscles. To start elevate your toes and elbows in a forward plank. Shift from forward to side position and balance your body on your left leg and elbow. Ensure your hips don’t sink as this helps strengthen your abdominal muscles. Balance your body for 10 seconds. Return to the starting point and do the strengthening several times. Move your upper leg forward and backward for modification.

Barbell Pullovers

The barbell pullover exercise contributes to back strengthening with the help of additional weights.

· You lie down on a bench or ball to support your shoulders.

· In a bridge position contract the glutes and keep your body straight from head to knees.

· Move the weight behind your head as far as you can safely control.

· Ensure your abs are tight and pull the weight up continually to strengthen the back.

If you have shoulder problems or injuries, barbell pullover might not be the best back strengthening exercise for you.

Dumbbell Pullover

This exercise can be done on a ball, a bench, steps or chairs whereby you attain the bridge position. It focuses on strengthening the lats and most parts of the back.

· Rest the weight on your chest as you lie in an upward position.

· In a bridge position contract the gluteal muscles to lift the weight.

· Lift the weight over the chest slowly.

· Slightly bent the elbows, stabilize your body and lower the weight.

· Pull the weight back up and repeat the process in complete sets for about 10 to 15 rounds.

For people with no experience, it is advisable to start from the floor or a bench. If you have shoulder issues skip the exercise. For a good outcome consider starting with a lighter weight.