The Best Cruise Lines for Any Budget

The Best Cruise Lines for Any Budget

Romantic Getaways

Whisk your loved one away for a romantic trip on one of the more intimate and personal liners offered by Paul Gauguin Cruises through the blissful South Pacific. For a smaller ship restaurant options abound, but if you’re keen to snuggle up with your honey, room service is also available. Dance until the sun comes up, surrounded by the lush and verdant Polynesian Islands.

Family Fun

Picking the right vacation when you have kids of different ages in tow can be tricky. Royal Caribbean International alleviates the stress for those travelling with the family and their large ship options come with plenty of activities for the whole family. Think pools, hot tubs, ice rinks, surf simulators, rock climbing walls and even a zipline. And there are restaurants, bars and shows for mum and dad too.

Solo Travellers

Flying solo this trip? Not a problem. Cruise ship vacations were made for the single traveller. Activities are non-stop aboard the big liners and you can run the gamut from pampered days at the spa to poolside lounging, simulated surfing, dance classes, quiz nights, cabaret-style shows and plenty more. Whether you’re looking to spend a bit of quality time with yourself, or hoping to meet some fellow singles, a cruise trip with the likes of P&O was tailor-made for you.

Bring Your Buds

You and your besties looking for an all-inclusive style getaway? Look no further than a cruise line built for fun and friends. There are options out there for all age groups and vacation requirements. If you’re looking to drink and dance the night away check out Norwegian Cruise Lines for their infamous Glow Party. But if your preference is to chill by the pool, look to Holland America for your next booking.

Best Budget Cruise

If you’re looking to save a bit on the cost but don’t want to skimp on the experience and are happy to put a bit of work in, then there’s a cruise option for you. Check out sales on early- or late-season packages, and keep in mind deals on shorter cruises: 2-4-day options are available and won’t set you back too much. Lots of cruise lines offer complete all-inclusive deals as well, so there’s no extra costs once you’re on board – just sit back, relax and let the sun soak in.

When Money Is No Object

If it’s luxury you’re after, you’ll get it on a Six Star Cruises cruise. This opulent vacation option promises to deliver on the best money can buy. Six Star has designed a four-month long itinerary where you’ll visit 28 countries including the likes of New Zealand, Malaysia and Mauritius. Private charters and beluga caviar are included in this astounding package. Don’t forget to pack your platinum credit card.

Out of the Ordinary and Into the Arctic

For something completely different explore the untamed wilderness on an Arctic cruise. There are quality cruise options for Greenland, Canada, Russia, Alaska and ones dedicated specifically to exploring the North Pole. Break through ice floes, spot polar bears and arctic foxes on the shore and come face to face with icebergs. At the right time of year, you might even sight a Narwhal or Beluga pod.