The Best Apps to Turn Up Your Workout

The Best Apps to Turn Up Your Workout


There’s no excuse not to work out when it’ll only take you seven minutes. Seven’s workouts are based on scientific studies and designed to create maximum benefit and efficiency. As you progress, you’ll unlock new workouts to keep you interested. You don’t need any equipment to complete them, though some require a chair or a wall. The app doesn’t require an internet connection, can be used via your Smart Watch, and allows background music to play during workouts.

Zombies, Run!

If ever there was an app to make you excited about running, this is it. Zombies, Run! makes a typically monotonous exercise fun and engaging through its incredible storytelling. In this zombie apocalypse world you are on a mission to gather supplies and rescue other survivors. While you’re out on your jog, you’ll receive updates and hear dialogue through your headphones. With over 200 unique missions, you’ll be tasked with finding supplies, gathering information and unmasking secrets. If you find yourself being chased by zombies, you’ll need to start running faster to stay alive. 


With the slogan “Become the best version of you” PumpUp is quite possibly the most positive fitness app. There’s a big focus on not only achieving your health and wellness goals but celebrating them too. You’ll find a 24/7 support group, made up of members from over 150 countries. Though their motivations and exercise regimes may be different to yours, they’re all there to achieve their goals, just like you. You can also follow hashtags for the type of exercise or goal you’re interested in for some added #inspo.


Sworkit is almost like a playlist. It’s accessible and customizable, with an enormous range of workout videos of all lengths. There are workouts available for every experience and activity level, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Individual plans can be created depending on your goal, and you can select from six-week Fitter, Leaner, or Stronger programs. Anyone who finds starting a new workout regime intimidating will benefit from this app. 


You can now explore the world in your own neighborhood and get fit doing it. The app Teemo lets you pick challenges ranging from climbing Everest, trekking around Europe, dashing around the desert and sailing in the Caribbean. If you select a Euro trip, for example, the app will tell you you’ve just touched down at the airport and will need to complete 30 lunges to pick up your luggage. These short and simple exercises don’t require any equipment or workout gear.