The Best Android Email Apps on Google Play: Gmail and More

The Best Android Email Apps on Google Play: Gmail and More

Whether you are working from home or not, email has been an integral part of business, academic, and other professional communications for ages. It slowly replaced the need for letters in personal matters too, making email clients and software a big part of our lifestyle.

Therefore, it’s obvious that many developers took an attempt at developing a mailing app for Android - the most popular operating system for smartphones. There are many apps on Google Play offering different features, but it’s the big companies like Google with their default Gmail that stand out the most for obvious reasons. But, it’s never bad to explore a few others.

So, today, let’s find out the best email apps available on Google Play for android from below.

Google Gmail

As mentioned before, Gmail is by far the most popular emailing client, which also comes in a pre-installed app on Android. It is simple, sleek, and offers a lot of bonus features. You would not only get to send automatic replies but also get automated labelling for your emails. Not to mention the 15GB free spaces and Google Drive and Google Docs integration that makes life so much easier.

Microsoft Outlook

Another usual suspect, Microsoft Outlook for Android is available for free on Google Play. This app is not only compatible with Outlook but also deals well with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Office 365. The interface has also been improved a lot, while the integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive helps to juggle between different cloud storages conveniently.

VMware Boxer

When VMware got down to design an intuitive email client for Android smartphones, the expectation wasn’t that great. Yet, the company managed to pull out a radically innovative mailing app that smartly organizes and edits bulk emails at ease. Thanks to its futuristic interface and intuitive design, it has been termed as the best app for productivity by many acclaimed magazines. It comes at a cost, but you can try it out for 30-days after downloading for free from Google Play.