Smartwatch: The Best Samsung Galaxy Watch For Different Purpose

Smartwatch: The Best Samsung Galaxy Watch For Different Purpose

Every time Samsung releases a new Samsung Galaxy Watch, it dubs it the best smartwatch yet. While it’s technically true, with careful choice of words that can be backed up with some added features, a little tweak, a spec bump, even some new watch faces, etc. 

Samsung is slightly different from other smartwatch manufacturers, though. The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in different variants, but all with a round face. It enables the watch to feel more natural on the wrist. 

Anyways, without further ado, let’s find out the best Samsung Galaxy Watch for different purposes from below. 

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

In 2021, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest and the best smartwatch from the manufacturer. It comes with a physical rotating bezel, a refined design, some feature improvements, and genuine leather straps out of the box. In addition to monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, it’s also possible to take an ECG reading with this version.

Best Value for Money: Galaxy Watch Active

Although released in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active still offers enough power and feature to be a day-to-day smartwatch for anyone. It is particularly great for the budget-customer, with its price doped down hugely over the years. It’s light and compact too, with its 40mm dial size a perfect fit for people with smaller wrists. 

Best Fitness Tracking: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The second iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active series, the Active 2 smartwatch improved pretty much everything from its predecessors. It became larger, brighter, and more powerful, all the while offering a better battery life. The watch also improved the fitness tracking sensors, making them more accurate. The added features, on the other hand, made efficient use of its specs.