Restoration Management Companies - What Do They Do?

Restoration Management Companies - What Do They Do?

Flood Damage Cleanup and Repair

Restoration management companies identify the cause of the flooding and take necessary measures to avert future flooding in your house. This is done by preventing further water invasion from a rainstorm event and repairing any available plumbing issues.

Restoration management companies also use their drying techniques to dry up the flooded area including debris to minimize structural damage. Unaffected property is removed and isolated from the flooded area to prevent secondary moisture problems. The whole drying process is important since it ensures growth of bacteria and mold growth is inhibited.

Fire and Smoke Damage

The aftermath of a fire at your house can be distressing. Your belongings might be charred and the house covered in soot caused by the smoke. A specialist is needed to help restore your house to pre-loss state. Restoration companies first assess the house to determine the cleaning processes needed, after which the restoration begins. House equipment (carpets, furniture, draperies and electronics) and the interior of the building are cleaned to eliminate soot. This is done using special techniques to avoid permanent embedment of the soot on these items. They carry out carbon elimination and odor elimination by disposing of all charred material properly.

Mold Remediation

Not only do molds make our house look ‘dirty’ but they can cause serious health complications if poorly handled. A poor remediation process can lead to regrowth of the molds or cross contamination could make it affect other areas of the house. Restoration companies have well-trained personnel who are equipped with the necessary items to perform procedures such as proper air scrubbing, sanding, ice blasting and vacuuming. Affected items such as carpets are tightly sealed in bags and disposed of. Also, future regrowth of the molds is eliminated by fixing the underlying cause.

Lead and Asbestos Abatement

Exposure to lead and asbestos can cause severe health problems such as cancer. Lead can be found in some paints, in the soil near your house or even on our doorways, while asbestos is used to make some house items because of its resistance to corrosion, burning and electrical conductivity.

Identifying items with lead and asbestos can be challenging, however, with the help of restoration companies, this can be a simple task. They first carry out inspection and then proceed to removing any traces of the carcinogenic material safely and proficiently.

Demolition and Construction Clean-Up and Sewage Clean Up

Some restoration companies carry out controlled demolitions by first removing contaminants and hazardous materials, then applying negative pressure to control dust, and at the same time ensure a good level of cleanliness is maintained.

Sewage leaks pose great danger to our health and the environment in general. Sewage water is considered a biohazard because it is contaminated and contains harmful pathogens, bacteria and viruses. Handling this situation by yourself can be dangerous and result in health problems. Therefore you need to let professionals handle the situation. Restoration companies have the necessary clean up and protection equipment to provide you with a clean and safe environment.