President Donald Trump: A Big Return to Social Media?

President Donald Trump: A Big Return to Social Media?

You are sure to know a lot about Donald John Trump - the 45th president of the United States of America. Before running for and serving as the president of the USA, he used to be a media personality, a powerful social media influencer, and a real-estate businessman. Having failed in his second attempt to win the White House, he is now based in Mar-a-Lago golf club and resort in Miami.

There are many unusual things about Donald Trump - ranging from the way he portrays himself to the way he managed to win the office of the president of the United States of America. Termed as a populist, he raked up a huge following on Twitter - quite unusual for a man of his age.

So, why are we talking about his return to social media? Let’s find out from below.

Donald Trump and Twitter

Long before he announced to be a presidential candidate from the GOP, Donald Trump was a very famous man - thanks to his various media associations. He joined Twitter - the microblogging social media site in 2009 and raked up a huge following. During his presidential campaign in 2016, he regularly tweeted about his opinion on different issues, sometimes spreading misinformation and launching personal attacks on political rivals.

His followers didn’t seem to mind too much though, with Mr Trump having 88.9 million followers and avid fans on this single social media platform alone. However, a few days before he left office in this first term, Twitter banned his @realDonaldTrump account and kicked him entirely out of the platform accusing him of inciting violence and posing a threat to democracy.

Donald Trump’s Big Return to Social Media

Since he was ousted from Twitter, rumours of a new social media platform launched by Donald Trump himself swirled around the tabloids and other news media. Finally, on 20th March 2021, one of the former president’s spokespeople Jason Miller seems to have confirmed the rumours. According to Jason Miller, Donald Trump would be back in social media space by launching his own platform in a couple of months.

So, are you going to join him once it is launched?