Planet Mars: The Most Incredible Findings of NASA

Planet Mars: The Most Incredible Findings of NASA

Mars or the Red Planet is the fourth and second smallest planet of the sun. In astronomy, Mars is known from ancient times because it can be noticed with naked eyes. This curious wonder of the universe is surfaced with a dusty cold desert and thin atmosphere. The planet is surrounded by the most dynamic features of the moon, valleys, deserts and ice polar caps of earth. The season and times vary on a rotation basis which makes it similar to the Earth. NASA has been exploring it for quite some time and knows a lot about it.

NASA’s Missions on Mars

Mars got the tag of the most explored planet in the Solar system because of the constant mission of NASA. The first attempt of NASA was started in 1964 by sending the first spacecraft Mariner 4 which successfully finished with detecting depth of atmosphere. Over the years they continued their mission on a frequent basis and are almost very close to fulfilling the aim.

Planet Mars is the only planet where NASA sent rovers and it has been selected that a number of three rovers spacecraft will land on Mars in 2021. Following the plan on 8th February 2021 the next generation rovers spacecraft has been landed on Mars after a successful journey of 472 kilometres. The United Arab Emirates also sent a hope of perseverance from orbits on 9th February 2021 and became the fifth successful country of this mission.

Interesting Findings About Mars

Some interesting findings of Mars are listed below:

  • By the time a new year comes on Mars, the earth observes two new year’s day.

  • Your weight on mars will be one-third of your weight on earth.

  • Planet Mars is much tinier than the earth, six times smaller in mathematical terms.

  • Mars has two moons, one is Phobos and the other is Deimos.

  • Calculating from different parts of Mars, it is around 242 million miles away from the sun.