Piers Morgan: Top 3 Embarrassing Moments on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan: Top 3 Embarrassing Moments on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan is once again in the news and this time not for his blunder statement luckily. The former co-host of Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain is returning on the show for the first time since he left it in March 2021. Morgan is an English broadcasting journalist who is quite famous for making a handful of controversies. Recently he was constantly creating embarrassment on Good Morning Britain which later led him towards a conflict with the ITV producers. Following the consequence, he left the show last March.

Every time Piers Morgan opened his mouth on an issue it became out-grace and embarrassment. Today here we will look upon three embarrassing moment he made from time to time on Good Morning Britain:

Claiming Himself a black woman

Morgan once was talking about ensuring transgender rights. To make his point look more brilliant he claimed that he is often identified as a black woman. The statement didn’t go down with the LGBT community and he got slammed for such ridiculous disgrace. Thus, they claimed an apology for this discrimination which Morgan never made though.

Showing insensitivity to a mental health patient

Piers Morgan was interviewing a mental health patient on a particular episode of Good Morning Britain. In the middle of the discussion about the depression he got impatient and told the person to "man up." Telling a person to man up who is struggling with mental health is insensitivity. All the ‘charities’ work for mental awareness ripped him for such blunder but Piers didn’t move from his disgusting opinion as usual.

Labelling the Christian community as homophobic

ITV received almost 70 complaints after broadcasting the episode where Piers was interviewing Christian magistrate Richard Page. In the middle of a serious discussion about homosexuality, Morgan announced that they all are eventually homophobic. And guess what happened next! Yes, this didn’t go well with the Christian community and the complaint claimed that he shows discrimination towards Christianity.