Memphis: The Infamous Twitter Bug Getting Users Banned

Memphis: The Infamous Twitter Bug Getting Users Banned

In this era of globalization, social media networking sites become a household name for us. It connects people from different areas and makes our communication very easy.

Twitter is one of the leading microblogging sites on which users can post and generate different kinds of information through trending topic. The site is very popular among Gen Z because they can easily connect with their favourite artist here. The pros and cons of using Twitter come hand in hand, with some bugs like 'Memphis' getting people banned as an occasional drawback.

What are Twitter Bugs?

Twitter bugs are basically some technical errors in the privacy policy or some AI that is used for the purpose of security. The bugs generally emerge when no user violate the platform rules, but still get punished for no apparent reasons. Sometimes, so many authentic users' accounts get banned unnecessarily that it becomes a cause for outrage.

Memphis: The Recent Infamous Twitter Bug

On 15th March 2021, a new Twitter bug emerged and it automatically suspended a large number of user accounts just because they used the word 'Memphis'. As per the reports of various newspapers, numerous users have complained about getting temporarily restricted by the bugs for using the M-word.

Based on that report, quite a few users also have changed their name to the 'Memphis' word just to be confirmed about the banning. Surprisingly, those accounts also got suspension and the error became meme material later.

The fun could have finished there if only Olympique Lyonnais wouldn’t have fueled the fire by posting a picture of soccer player Depay. Later a basketball team named 'Memphis Grizzlies’ also called out Twitter for this silly mistake.

Although Twitter didn’t give any detailed explanation on this error, they indeed have published an official statement by accepting it and promised to solve it as soon as possible.