Marcus Rashford: Manchester United Star Receives Campaign Tips from Barack Obama

Marcus Rashford: Manchester United Star Receives Campaign Tips from Barack Obama

Marcus Rashford recently hit the headlines for his exclusive chat session with Barack Obama. The Manchester United and England Striker is getting praised for his impactful social activism. In 2019 Marcus first started a food-poverty campaign in his hometown by providing food to homeless children during the Christmas period. Along with his mom, he ran the movement he always wanted to do from the training days in Manchester United F. C.

All about Child food-poverty campaign

In 2020 Marcus Rashford joined a campaign named ActiveAte by FareShare. The primary purpose of ActivAte was to raise awareness about holiday hunger among those children who already are getting free meals. One of the warehouses of FareShare is in Manchester, and they were providing the food through their favourite club. Rashford got to know about the campaign and has shown his interest to work for them. Finally, in the period of locked down 2020, Marcus started to work with FareShare fully. He also made some donations personally, and today he is proudly providing free meals to more than 400000 children.

Following the plan, in March 2020, he wrote an open letter to the UK Government to pay more attention to the sector of providing free school meals. To which the UK prime minister responded by making an extension in the policy of free school meals.

Acknowledgement from Barack Obama

This tremendous initiative of Marcus Rashford gets noticed by the former president of the USA, Barack Obama. Last week Marcus had a zoom conversation with Mr Obama. Talking about the conversation, he said it is a surreal experience for him. They have discussed the project called "Full-time meals", which he just launched.

Marcus also stated that Mr Barack Obama encouraged him to continue the campaign. He also added that positive initiative always makes a difference, even if you do it on a small scale.