Influential Asian Mobile Phone Manufacturers: Samsung and Others

Influential Asian Mobile Phone Manufacturers: Samsung and Others

It can be safe to say that China is becoming the new business head of Asia in the telecommunication sector with its several giant mobile phone manufacturing companies like Huawei and Xiaomi. On the other hand, South Korea also is doing very well in the global telecommunication business, thanks mainly to Samsung.

Today the purpose of our article is to know about the best Asian leading telecommunication brands who make mobile phones, battery chargers, and such. So let’s go to the point without wasting more time.

Samsung Telecommunication

Samsung telecommunication the world largest mobile phone brand after Apple is an integral part of Samsung Electronics. The Telecommunication division was founded in 1977 in South Korea and the initial. The market share was only 14%. In 2007, the brand saw its tremendous success with a percentage of 40% growth which was the second-best in the world. Later in 2017, it tasted a new level of success with its Samsung Galaxy smartphone series which is still continuing.

Huawei Technology Co. Ltd

Huawei is a renowned multinational mobile technology company in China that was first established in 1987. Currently, Huawei is the third-largest telecommunication brand (report of IDC quarterly mobile phone tracker). Over the years, they have successfully served a number of 70 countries with the best featured mobile equipment. In 2018, they left Apple trailing behind and became the second-largest mobile company in the world. The current net revenue of the company is $108.5 billion although it has seen a decline due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Xiaomi Communications Co. Ltd

Xiaomi is another wonderful technological creation of China. It is a privately owned multinational company that was formed in the year 2010. This newborn baby of China is getting a lot of recognition for ensuring the best-featured smartphone at a cheaper rate. In 2015, they became the 5t largest mobile phone brand worldwide. Xiaomi is also termed as the ‘Apple of China', due to its many similar features.