How to Use a Resistance Band to Strengthen Your Arms

How to Use a Resistance Band to Strengthen Your Arms

Common Types of Bands

There are a number of bands in the market that vary depending on the shape and length. The most common ones are the pull up, tube and the loop bands. The pull up is usually about 4 feet long and mainly used when exercising the ankles. The tube band is usually heavier and made from tough latex rubber. This type comes with handles made of nylon or hard plastic to enhance the grip when working out. On the other hand, the loop bands are designed to be small, simple and versatile. However, they are still very effective in your workout.

Choosing the Right Resistance Band

In case you have just moved from the usual weights to the resistance band, there are some things you should consider. First, note that most bands are colour coded according to the resistance level. It is advisable to have a light, medium and heavy band so that you have a variety to choose from. Also, make sure the band is comfortable. Get a band with comfortable handles. Ensure the handles are not too big or too small for your hands. Most importantly, keep it simple the first time. Don’t go for the sophisticated bands but choose the simple one instead.

How to Use a Resistance Band

When working to strengthen your arms, the various techniques include;

• Curling your biceps when standing. Place your feet under the middle of the band and pull the band towards you until you feel tension in the biceps.

• Forward lunge curl. Lunge with the right food forward and the band under the right foot. As you lower your back, pull the band with your right hand while resting the elbow on your knee.

• Working the triceps. Lunge forward and holding both ends of the band on both hands, place your arms at your sides then extend your arms.

The Effect of Resistance Bands on Your Upper Body

The first transformation that occurs to your body after frequent use of the resistance bands will be the toning of your arms. You may have flabby arms that refuse to go away with use of weights or other equipment. Using a resistance band evenly tones your arms. The tension that is present in your biceps and triceps during the work out helps to tighten the flesh around these areas. Another change that will occur is the strengthening of your muscles. The band keeps your muscles under constant tension hence tightening and strengthening the muscles giving you strong biceps and triceps.

Advantages of Using Resistance Bands

Frequent use of the resistance band helps you to improve your coordination and stability. The tension that the bands apply on the body forces you to remain stable hence improving your coordination. The bands are also easy to carry along compared to other exercise equipments. Using resistance bands also adds variety to the exercises you do, this not only reduces your work out time but also helps you have a full body work out. Another advantage is that they are great for beginners as well as professionals. They are also affordable, hence suitable if you have a tight budget.