How to Get Over Your Breakup

How to Get Over Your Breakup

What Next?

All is not lost. Breakups can often lead to revolutionary change within ourselves, as we begin to realize where to find true happiness is within ourselves, and we grow as human beings. As Leonard Cohen said, "that's how the light gets in." So grab your favorite tub of ice cream, a box of tissues, and a fuzzy blanket, because we’re diving straight into how to get over your breakup. Even though it hurts now, it will pass.

The Importance of Self-Care

Firstly, the best thing to start off on is simple self care. Do what makes you look and feel your best. From homemade (or store bought) relaxing facials and spa treatments to simply taking a hot shower to clean and relax. The idea of taking care of yourself is nothing new to our society, but it can greatly help when your lost in your own sadness. Although, be cautious upon this, because any drastic changes made under this influence may be regretted. It's also important to note that self-care doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want or whatever's easy.  It's important not to get stuck at the self-pity stage. Take your time and work through what you're feeling, but don't get too comfortable. Hit the gym, go out with friends, you have push your way out.

Have Fun

Secondly comes the idea of going out and having fun. Although it may seem impossible, rest assured that it totally is possible to have fun. Call up close friends and family, and plan an exciting night of fun to get your mind off the heartache. Go out, hit the dance floor, spend time with friends, have a good complain session, get it out of your system. Healing through kindness and laughter can truly mend a broken heart,.  Remind yourself that there are others who do care about you, even after your significant other left.

Process Your Feelings

Next, it's important to let out your feelings. Cry as much as you need to, get rid of any old cards or letters from them if it helps you work through the pain you're feeling. The last thing you want to do is just bottle up your feelings, because you’ll only wind up hurting yourself in the end. Release whatever you're feeling in as healthy a way as possible. Talking to friends and family about personal and romantic issues can be a big help in taking a great weight off yourself, and let you truly process and recover from your pain.

Treat Yo'self

When all else fails, it doesn’t hurt to treat and pamper yourself.Self love and validation is key in the healing process, because negatively reflecting upon yourself is more damaging than you’d believe. While it is important to reflect on the negatives once and a awhile, in this time of need, it’s best to try and forgive yourself for these negatives, and work to a more positive outlook. Treat yourself. Drink a glass of wine, have a few slices of chocolate cake, listen to the music you used to listen to as a teenager.

Breakups most definitely can be awful experience for anyone who has to encounter them, but they don’t mean it is end of the world. And while it may seem that “the one” has walked out the door, it’s simply a sign that you just haven’t found them yet.