How to Find a Car Transport Service

How to Find a Car Transport Service

Look Online

In today’s modern world, most reputable companies have a website. If they don’t, then it’s a red flag. You should always use a search engine to find car transportation companies or a reputable directory such as Angie’s List. Professional companies will offer an online quote calculator so you can work out how much the service will cost. This way you’ll get an estimate and won’t have to worry about hidden costs.

Don’t choose a company that doesn’t have a well-designed website and offers a free quote. A professional website means the company has paid for it and is more likely to offer a good service. 

Think About the Price

It’s tempting to go for the lowest price, but if it seems too good to be probably is. There are plenty of companies that will offer bargain transportation, but it costs money to move a car properly. If a company is offering much lower rates than others, then they probably don’t offer a superior service. It’s advisable to compare company prices to see what the average cost is. This way you’ll know the company you’re dealing with offers a genuine service and won’t lose or damage your car. Some companies will try to take advantage of you and charge ridiculously high amounts. Do your research to avoid disappointment. 

What Do Others Say?

The best way to find out about a company is through others. Reviews are everywhere, and you should take what others say into account. Websites often post positive reviews about themselves, but there are plenty of review sites which you can trust. If the company has generally positive reviews, then you can trust them. However, lot’s of negative reviews are worrying and you should stay away from the company.

Make sure you always check reviews before you choose a company and don’t just take what customers say on their website as the truth. If a company has no reviews, then don’t choose them. 

What Should the Carrier Do?

Once you’ve picked a company to transport your car, you should confirm the booking with them. This can be through an email or phone call, but make sure you get written conformation. This is especially important if you’ve paid for the service already. Without a booking confirmation, you won’t be able to prove you paid the company.

When they come to pick up your car, they should inspect it first. This is done with a form called the Form of Lading. If they don’t use this process, then ask them why they aren’t inspecting the vehicle properly. They should also sign the form and offer you a copy. Do not let any company take your car without giving you a copy of the inspection receipt. 

Things to Consider

There are loads of car transportation companies around, but finding the right one is essential. You should take photos of your car before the company picks it up. This is to make sure you’ve documented the current condition of the car. If the company damages it, you’ll have evidence that the car was in good condition before it was transported.

Cars cost thousands of dollars, so you want to ensure you choose a reputable company to avoid replacing yours. If any damage occurs, then you need to make a claim for damages using the Bill of Lading. Follow these tips to ensure you find the best car transportation service to suit your needs.