Google Photos: The Only Photo App You May Ever Need

Google Photos: The Only Photo App You May Ever Need

Whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you certainly have heard or used Google Photos. If you haven’t, well, you really should. I mean, there is hardly any other photo app that is as convenient and feature-rich as Google Photos. 

While it was primarily developed as a mobile alternative to Picasa for Android OS, the app has become so feature-rich that it eventually replaced Picasa altogether. So, today, we discuss the features and the other specialities of Google Photos that make it the best in the business below. 

Key Features of Google Photos

Google Photos is known for combining the most essential features required of a smartphone gallery application in the most simplified way. There is nothing that you couldn’t do in it, thanks to the features such as: 

Backup with Unlimited Storage 

Once you setup the synchronization preference, Google Photos would automatically backup all the photos and videos you record or receive from others. Don’t worry about running out of space either, as the app offers unlimited storage for ‘High-Quality’ photo and video backup. When it says unlimited storage, it really does mean it. 

Accessible Organization

The in-app navigation is as accessible as it could get, with the user being able to zoom and pinch to scroll through a lifetime of photos organized as per the day, week, months, and years. Not to mention the automatic categorization based on people, places, pet, and so on which can also be searched in the search bar. The backed up photos and videos are also available both offline and online via Android smartphones, iPhones, and the web. 

Create, Edit and Share 

Google Photos come with in-app editing tools to edit photos and videos on the go. It also allows the user to be creative and create beautiful montages, movies, animations and such. It’s also pretty effortless to share your photos and other creations from person to person, device to device, messaging apps and on the web. 

Even if you need to transfer your photos from iCloud storage to Google Photos, you can do so with a single tap of your finger right from the iCloud interface!