Five Lesser-known Interesting Facts About Tour de France

Five Lesser-known Interesting Facts About Tour de France

The enthusiastic world cycling sports Tour de France is all set to start this June. On its 105th edition, the game is likely to cover a race of 3329 kilometres. The stage will be divided into twenty-one different sections. Each step will include some more challenging climbs and rides. The riders are expected to encounter some unpaved ascent in 2021, the first unpaved section included in the last sixty to seventy years. This new section will add more excitement to the tour.

Have you ever wondered how many calories the riders consume, how many they burn and how many kilometres they cover each year on this Eurosport? Today we will let you know some interesting facts about the Tour de France. Hopefully, you will enjoy the articles.

Longest tour

Tour de France, the longest race globally, has covered some 20,200 miles in the year 2017. In 1926, the first time the tour was crowned the longest route of history, the cycling routes covered a total of 3570 miles.

Consumption of calories

Over the course, an average of 123900 calories is consumed by each rider. It included 495 croissants, 152 English breakfast and two hundred bottles of champagne.

Water bottle

A significant number of 42000 water bottles will be used by the members of each team this year.

Drinking alcohol

Until 1960 it was a rule to drink alcohol during the game to numb the pain. Later it got banned because it was considered a stimulant.

Most stage winner

Eddy Merckx was the most stage winner of the Tour de France. He has won thirty-four stages on the single tour.

So how are you watching this exciting part of Eurosport 2021? We recommend you to watch it on the Global Cycling Network as they will be telecasting the event live on YouTube. There is no excuse to miss it anymore.