DKMS: How it Helps Leukaemia and Many Other Patients

DKMS: How it Helps Leukaemia and Many Other Patients

DKMS is a German-based nonprofit bone marrow donor canter founded in 1991. The centre is also known as the German bone marrow donor file, which also has franchises in the UK, US, Chile, India and South Africa. It commonly works in the area of blood cancer and hematopoietic stem cells transplantation. The centre’s primary purpose is to create awareness about the urgency of donors for stem cells donation, which a blood cancer patient needs for treatment.

The way DKMS helps Leukaemia patients

Billionaire Peter Harf first formed DKMS along with Professor Gerhard Ehningar. Gerhard was treating his wife, who was a patient of leukaemia. Her cancer responded to drugs during the hematopoietic treatment and needed a stem cell transplantation to further the process. Unfortunately, there was no match within the family. As a result, they have created DKMS, which now works to raise awareness about donating bone marrow stem cells. DKMS helps the donors to register through the German national bone marrow registry. It has expanded all over Germany, and just in a year, the donor registration has increased from 3000 to 68000.

Creating Widespread Awareness

In 2014 DKMS started to promote stem cell transplantation, and May 28 became known as the blood cancer day worldwide. Throughout the years, they have organised various events on this day to raise awareness among people about stem cell donation. For this year, it is all set to celebrate today.

On this day we can say that everybody should join this great movement. Leukaemia is no longer a rare disease, and every year we have lost a lot of precious lives due to this. If you are capable of donating, then please don’t hesitate to do so. A single match of your stem cells can bring a ray of sunshine into someone’s life.