Different Electronic Media and Their Implications on Humans

Different Electronic Media and Their Implications on Humans

Modern technologies are reaching a new level each new day. With the new heights of innovation, we frequently see a new thing take the place of a traditional one. Electronic media is that kind of innovation of science that is replacing print media steadily.

Electronic media is referred to as the media in which the content can be shared with the audience by using electronics tools. The audience can also access the content without really depending on static media.

There are thousands of popular electronic media which people use on a regular basis. The most common and popular ones are given below:

  • Television

  • Radio

  • Online newspaper

  • Online website

  • CD/DVD

  • Multimedia

  • Slide presentations etc.

Although electronic media has been created to make our daily communication easy, depending on it excessively is not good for us. Let’s take a look at how any particular electronic media can create hazards for us.

Cons of Electronics media

The most common disadvantages of electronic media are exhibited below:


Using electronic media often leads to individualism in society. People mostly spend time on the internet which creates a negative impact on their relationships with their surroundings.

Geographical Limitation

Most of these mediums share content based on the geographical area which limits its acceptance. Due to this limitation only get the information about a particular area which also decreases the acceptance of this media.


Electronic media are generally run through advertisements. Excessive amounts of advertisement automatically make the content less attractive and monotonous for the audience.

Effects on Children

Electronic media also causes a great hamper for children. Some media do not follow any rules of age limitation and share various controversial content without any filters. The children who are using online platforms like Facebook and Twitter often get down to dangerous paths due to this kind of yellow journalism.