Danny Rose: Who is the Footballer Leaving Tottenham Hotspur?

Danny Rose: Who is the Footballer Leaving Tottenham Hotspur?

Danny Rose, the former defender of Tottenham Hotspur, started his career in Leeds United in 2007. He was a one-hit-wonder who scored in the Premier League in just under 10 minutes. But he wasn’t liked that much just because of the player he is. He is way more than that.

Danny Rose is a true Professional

Rose is the kind of player who is very much passionate and professional. He likes his job. He never got in the news headline like others. It is because he understands everything really really well. His coaches like Mauricio Pocchettino confirm that he is one of the best players to work with. But he is easily misunderstood. It is because of his honesty. Whatever he doesn’t like, he speaks about it straight.

No time for gossip tabloids

Danny Rose has his own morals. Although an English football player, he doesn’t like the culture that surrounds it. He likes to stay committed to his life rather than going to clubs and parties. And this nature of his puts him into the dislike zone for many. The media can’t get anything saucy to talk about him. He doesn’t hold grudges against anyone. He’s more of an introvert in nature.

Fighting his own Battle

He has been traumatized and fighting his fight against depression. His uncle’s suicide, his mother being racially abused, and his brother getting shot at in their family home by an assailant, a whole lot to take in. And overall of these, the last club that wanted to loan him, asked if he was crazy. He is also a victim of racism and bullying by people. All because of his introverted nature that people can’t let go of.

Silent Knight

Besides being a good football player, he is a silent hero in times of need. He donated more than 50,000 Euros to hospitals and domestic abuse charities as a mystery man. He is also responsible for buying Domino’s pizza for the frontline workers in the CoronaVirus pandemic.