Coronation Street: Who is Tyrone's Ex Kirsty Soames

Coronation Street: Who is Tyrone's Ex Kirsty Soames

Kirsty Soames of Coronation Street was found dead by police in her flat. Inevitable, eh? Kirsty was the abusive girlfriend of Tyrone Dobbs between 2011-2013 in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

Ever since the news flashed, the ITV soap opera viewers are reminiscing how her abusive relationship with Tyron created awareness in society.

On the show, Kristy was the troubled ex-police officer, and due to her horrific temper, she used to abuse Tyrone physically. From time to time, the violation level becomes unbearable and even challenging to watch for viewers.

The relationship between Kirsty and Tyrone started by meeting in a bar. Then it became serious quickly, and they were live-in. Slowly, Kirsty began to be jealous of Tyrone's friendship with Fiz Brown and Tina. It later resulted in her terrific temper and slowly progressed into abusing Tyrone physically.

By getting fed up with this violation, Tyron was planning to leave Kirsty. Later he got to know about Kirsty's pregnancy, and they have reunited again. After the birth of Ruby, the violence has continued, and finally, they got a divorce. As soon as they divorced, Tyrone started an affair with Fiz Brown, played by Jennie McAlpine.

Kirsty Soames' character has gone to a break in 2013 with a trial in court. In court, Kirsty has accepted her abuser behaviour and got sent to jail.

Tyrone Dobbs, played by Alan Halsall, has said that the police will have to inform him about Kirsty's death because she has no guardian to count on. After hearing the news, Tyron will be seen as emotionally wrecked and will run back to his current ex Fiz to grief.

Tyron is now planning to tell Ruby that Kirsty Soames is her biological mother, although Fiz has taken care of her till now.