Apple HomePod: Two Models with Slightly Different Features

Apple HomePod: Two Models with Slightly Different Features

In science fiction films, there seems to some sort of weird and futuristic gadgets. Often, these gadgets don’t see the light of day, sometimes for the lack of viability, other times for the lack of need. But, when Apple introduced its HomePod smart speakers, it really felt like some stuff of Hollywood films, if not so much of dreams.

If you didn’t get to know about them yet, Apple HomePods are ‘THE’ speakers of the house. They can produce high-quality audio, hardly a surprise at that. But they can also listen, answer your commands via Siri, and perform everyday tasks like playing a song, etc. Oh! They can control your smart home too, albeit in your command.

So, today, we discuss the two latest Apple HomePod speakers that you can buy at the time of writing below.


The HomePod is the bigger brother of the two speakers that makes up Apple’s current smart speakers range. It comes in a high-excursion woofer accompanied by an array of seven tweeters. It has spatial awareness and can play home cinema in 4K Ultra-HD resolution on Apple TV.

Compatible with an elaborate set of supported smart accessories, this smart speaker can perform a great variety of tasks on your voice commands. The intercom feature couples with the multi-room audio capability allow it to offer an audio experience like never before.

HomePod Mini

The smallest of the two, the HomePod Mini is a gorgeous looking speaker that does all the important things you would expect but takes up a lot less space. It is a gorgeously designed speaker, which you can place just about anywhere in your home and forget about it. Your voice command on Siri could make it do all the things anyways.

Unlike its more expensive sibling, however, the HomePod Mini by Apple doesn’t have spatial awareness or 4K playing capabilities.