9 Photos to Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

9 Photos to Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

Marvelous Marble Bathroom

If you want a high end bathroom, installing marble is the way to go. Marble is known for its use in high end kitchens, but due to the cost that may be out of reach. However, bathrooms are small enough to get some marble in there. This is a great way to improve home value.

Floor to Ceiling Tile

In most bathroom remodel cases, the walls are going to be outdated and in some cases damaged from the shower steam after decades of use. The best way to remodel one of these bathrooms is to put in floor to ceiling tile. This is an affordable and easy way to remodel.

Tile to Stone Remodel

Replacing outdated tile with modern stone can bring new life to your bathroom. In this case, the bathtub was converted from an outdated and uncomfortable tub to one that is the centerpiece of the entire remodel. The old tub needed to be climbed into, and this remodel brought comfort to the owner's bathtub experience.

Black Walls With Art

For this remodel, this owner took it to a different level. While most people paint their bathrooms lighter colors, they decided to paint the walls and drawers black. This gives the bathroom a modern but mysterious vibe. To further decorate, they installed artwork along the walls as well as some custom tile.

Tub Removal

In this bathroom remodel, the tub was completely removed to give the room more space. If you are fine with just having a shower, removing the tub gives you dozens of possibilities. This only works in bathrooms with a separate shower and bathtub of course. However, some have removed the tub to make a more spacious half bathroom.

From Cool to Cooler

This bathroom was already better than most as it was. However, some people want even more. If you’re one of those people, this bathroom will inspire you. This owner painted the cabinets and added a new floor. In bathrooms that are already nice, sometimes doing just a little bit more can make a large difference.

From One Sink to Two

Sick of sharing a sink with your significant other? If so then you’re probably pretty normal. One of the best bathroom remodel ideas is adding a second sink so each person can have their own space. Also, if you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom anyway, do the extra day of work and add the second sink. It’s worth it.

70’s to Rustic

This 70’s bathroom hadn’t been upgraded in 40 years. After all that time, there’s no way that bathroom would still be in style. The owner said it gave off a ‘motel’ vibe, which is something nobody wants. This new rustic bathroom with water sealed wood panels and custom times looks incredible.

Remove Wallpaper and Install Tile

If you’re looking for a simple bathroom remodel that will change the entire room, this is the one. Just simply removing the wallpaper and installing tile in its place can change the entire vibe. To continue the remodel, installing a new floor, changing the cabinets, and adding some decorations can get you the bathroom of your dreams for low costs.