2022 Continental GT Speed Launched by Bentley Motors Limited

2022 Continental GT Speed Launched by Bentley Motors Limited

Bentley Motors Limited has been manufacturing automotive vehicles for over a hundred years now. So, when they boast about something as the most dynamic road car they ever made, car enthusiasts must take notice. The 2022 Continental GT Speed was billed exactly that on its arrival to the auto market.

It certainly looks like a Bentley, I can tell you that. But is it worth the hype? Why was the British automaker so excited about it anyway? What’s its top speed? What makes it so dynamic? We explore all that below.

2022 Continental GT Speed

Not one to settle with their emphatic one-liner, Bentley Motors Limited provided some other details about the philosophy behind the latest Continental GT Speed. They claim that the car has been made with a driver-focused approach, which was exclusive to their racing machines. Judging by the addition of a rear electronic differential - a first from the automaker to enhance traction and improve stability, adjustability, and lateral capacity, they seem to be true to their words.

As expected, the 6.0-litre W12 engine is bliss, which offers 650bhp and a 664lb-ft of torque. If you have a deep enough pocket to buy the most powerful version of the 2022 Continental GT Speed, you would get a top speed of 208mph. The car can also go from 0mph to 62mph in just 3.5 seconds, going neck to neck to Lamborghinis on a straight road.

The car lacks nothing in the dynamism front too, with its upgraded chassis, faster gear change, and improved exhaust character making up for a wonderfully mobile driving experience. You can also choose between a convertible and a coupe.

Turn On the Style with Bentley

As ever, Bentley Continental GT Speed costs a lot of money and requires fuel like a mini pickup. Yet, its super elegant bodywork, fine leather interior, gorgeous metal trips and luxe wood trims make it worth the money. Bentley Motors Limited never lacked in designing elegantly-styled speed monsters, after all!