10 Amazing European River Cruises

10 Amazing European River Cruises

Rhone River

If you are a lover of wine and fine food, consider this river cruise. Made mostly for romantic couples, this cruise sails through France, Switzerland and Italy. Known as wine country, this area makes some of the best wines in the world. You also go by the town where Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted his most famous works. 

Moselle River

Located in France, this river cruise is also known for their fine wines. In this case, however, their specialty is white wine. This makes it a better option for those who prefer white to red wine. It also makes some stops in Luxembourg and Germany, two equally beautiful countries with lovely landscapes.

Douro River

This beautiful river in Portugal features great cruises for those who love architecture and old churches. Portugal has stunning architectural masterpieces alongside the river so you won’t need to stop to see them, even though stops will be included too. Many of these cruises serve Port, Portugal's most famous drink.

Elbe River

The Elbe river flows through the Czech Republic and Germany, and it's the perfect river cruise for lovers of music. Along the journey you will make stops at luxury theaters and opera houses that have been in operation since the 1700’s. There will even be time to stop and see a show.

Seine River

History lovers most often choose this cruise as it makes several important stops where you can see some of the most famous spots in history. Located in France, the Seine flows up to the English Channel. You will stop at Normandy and Omaha beach where D-day took place, and visit Rouen where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. These are just some of the many historical sites you will see during a cruise on the Seine.

Rhine River

This 776 mile river is one of the longest in Europe and also one of the most famous. Flowing through France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, there is plenty to see on one of these river cruises. Because of the many options, this is the perfect cruise for families.

Danube River

For those who want an Eastern European adventure, consider this river cruise. Flowing through 10 countries, you will make stops in Hungary, Germany and Austria. Plus you will be able to visit Vienna and Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. There are many lovely buildings and historical sites to see on this cruise. 

Main River

This river flows in Germany and if you are looking to explore the German countryside, this is the cruise for you. It features many things from fine food and wine to historic sites like Bamberg, one of the oldest cities in Europe that still stands to this day and it was built in 902 A.D.

Dutch Waterways

Throughout the Netherlands, there are dozens of waterways which interconnect giving many different options for cruises. The cruises travel between rivers, canals and waterways and you can explore cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This cruise also runs past the world's largest floral park, making it a great romantic getaway.

Saône River

Located in France, these river cruises are made for lovers of nature and wine. With fine wines being served, there will also be spots to stop and go on a hike or even mountain biking. After all the Tour De France has had a few routes through here. This is the perfect cruise for active lovers of wine.