Vikings at the Isle of Man: Viking Age Artefacts Found in Hoard

Vikings at the Isle of Man: Viking Age Artefacts Found in Hoard Heard of the Isle of Man? The beautiful self-governing island situated in the Irish Sea? According to the history books, the island was first invaded by the Vikings in the year 798. Within the next 20 years, they went to conquer the entire area and establish a prosperous Viking colony. The colony provided a link between the traders of Ireland and Scotland, accumulating golds, jewellery, and other forms of Viking age artefacts - many of which are on display at the Manx National Heritage Museum.

Viking Hoard at the Treasure Island

Today, the Isle of Man is lovingly called the treasure island. It’s down to the many Viking age hoards, discovered now and then by the archaeologists and metal detectorists. These hoards are often filled with both wholes and cut items of Vikings jewellery made of gold and silver. Sometimes, it also includes some important remains of their culture and heritage.

Once a hoard is discovered, it usually goes through a rigorous testing process to confirm the artefact’s historic value, its time of origin, and such. Once the authenticity is confirmed, the site and the hoard gets declared a national treasure.

Viking and Medieval Gallery at Manx Museum

Many of the Viking artefacts found in the Isle of Man gets displayed at the Viking and Medieval Gallery of the Manx Museum. An initiative of the Manx National Heritage, it includes many of the hoards including the recently declared treasure - the Kath Giles Hoard.

The items on display include silver brooches, gold arm rings, silver armbands, bracelets, knives & weapons, and other associated finds.

Any new findings almost always get reported in different Isle of Man News and media outlets to inform people about what’s new to see in this delightful treasure island.