Top Three Desktop Computer Manufacturers in the Market

Top Three Desktop Computer Manufacturers in the Market

Due to the advancement of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, even laptop computers are under the threat of getting distinct. So, it’s easy to imagine how difficult it is for desktop computers to survive! Judging by the ever-shrinking line of offers from leading brands such as the Hewlett-Packard and Acer Aspire series, it’s definitely living on life support.

Yet, it’s undeniably important for developers and multimedia creators alike to have a powerful computer on their desks to get things done. So, today, we look into the top three desktop computer manufacturers available in the market below.


While Apple is most known for its iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices, they also make some of the world’s most powerful desktop computers. The iMac is certainly the most popular for its brilliant in-monitor design, while the Mac Pro is a delight for the creators. There is also a Mac Mini which can turn any desks into a powerhouse with the attachments of up to two displays, a keyboard and a trackpad. You also have different customization options to make a workstation of your own.


Hewlett-Packard, or as commonly known as HP, is a brilliant computer hardware manufacturer that offers a great range of products operating on Windows OS and others. Their portfolio of desktop computers includes several models under all-in-one and gaming categories. They also have some high-end setup for power users.

Acer Technologies

Acer Technologies is another brand that came out of nowhere to become a household name as a manufacturer of laptop and desktop computers. The Acer Aspire range of desktop computers is suitable for people of all walks of lives, as they offer a range of products specially designed for gamers and professional users. Their range of all-in-one PCs is quite charming and functional too.